This Tamil-Canadian barrier breaker uses her artistic career path to help create an equal platform for both men and women in the South Asian society.

Other than touring around the world, Naveeni’s day-to-day before she became a musical sensation remained the same – composing and vocalizing as a form of personal expression.

Now with 3.1K subscribers on her YouTube channel, she humbly connects with her audience on the premise of her personal battles with scrutiny against gender and the color of her skin. Focusing not only on the upliftment of women but unity between all, she particularly combats the imposed opinions of the Desi “aunties and uncles” on the lives of those in the newer generation.

Rapper and vocalist Navz-47 will be featured at this year’s DesiFEST, so be sure to check out her set as she connects the culture of Sri Lanka and Canada, and stomps on stigmas in both communities!

Looking to check out her latest collaborations? Visit her Instagram platform @navz_47 for all the info you need!


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