With a parent from India and the other from America, Nani (formerly known as Anjali World) is truly a bridge between the enticing cultures of both the East and the West.

In her first self-written hit, “We Turn Up” she brings together banging Bollywood beats and American rapper French Montana, propelling her as a dynamic female artist. You see, it’s this passion for representing not only Indians but Indian-Americans that fuels the fire she shines so bright with.

Music is not however her only connection to the world, as Nani also founded a non-profit organization, Jaws and Paws that is geared to the awareness and conservation of endangered species. She spent many of her younger years scuba diving and rescuing animals and have translated her hobbies into what is now a world-changing initiative. In fact, all proceeds generated from her music is donated to non-profit organizations.

This gem believes in using your passions and expertise to power your higher purpose, where hers happens to be the expression of emotions through forms of art to connect to the general public.

Check out her feature at #DesiFEST2019 right here in Toronto, Ontario at #Yonge-DundasSquare!

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