Ramona Sylvan
Ramona is a Tabla exponent of the Punjab Gharana. Her tutelage started from a tender age under the loving guidance of her Guru, Ustad Mohan Singh Ji, and later she started learning from Ustad Tari Khan.
Ramona continues to perform tabla throughout the GTA for top acclaimed artistes, as well as teaches under the watchful eye of her Guru and continues her own study of Tabla perpetually.
Devi Mahadeo
Devi is a Classically Trained Vocalist. She studied Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet under the guidance of her Guru Shri Sachin Sharma, student of the legendary King of Ghazals, the Late Shri Jagjit Singh. Devi has performed alongside her Guru, as well as many other artistes around North America, in many cultural programs.
Devi produces music videos and covers, available on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, and continues to amaze audiences with her soulful voice.
Ajay Maharaj
Ajay is a Classically Trained Musician. He started learning Keyboard at a tender age under Shri Sachin Sharma. He developed an ear for music and later taught himself how to sing.
Ajay has performed music alongside his Guru, and regularly performs with his sister Devi, as well as many other artistes across North America for a variety of programs. He produces music videos and covers numerous songs, available on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
Randy Mahadeo
Randy is a Classically Trained Vocalist and musician. He studied Indian Classical music for 11 years, and Gurmat Sangeet for another 9 years under his Ustad Davinder Partap Singh Ji, an exponent of traditional Gurmat Sangeet known worldwide.
Randy performs regularly throughout the GTA for many different cultural programs and sings in a variety of Indian languages. He holds music classes for all ages, teaching the importance of Indian culture.
Vishall Dharamdass
Vishall Dharamdass started his musical journey at the age of 5 wherein he first studied the art of tabla under the tutelage of Ustad Mohan Singh Dahaley. He has also furthered his practice under the guidance of Ustad Sachin Sharma and Ustad Mani Bhardwaj.
He has also learned bollywood style dholak from Devin Latchmana and West Indian Taan from Pt. Krishendath Maharaj. Vishall, now 24 years old holds a BSc in Psychology and is currently pursuing a business career at Mercedes-Benz Canada.

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