Our 16th annual music festival is a 12-hour live event featuring a mix of artists from Canada, the U.S., India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Caribbean.


• 16-65 year olds • Millennials, Young Professionals and Generation X • South Asian families in Canada and worldwide • World music fans


• Live at Yonge-Dundas Square • 30 artists • International artists will be pre-recorded • Produced for TV • Food delivery + swag • Virtual in-studio VIP pass

Facebook Live


Leading up to DESIFEST live at Yonge-Dundas, we are hosting weekly FB Live shows with local and international artist and DJs.


• 16-65 year olds • Millennials, Young Professional and Generation X • South Asian families in Canada and worldwide • World music fans


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    Working with YDS, we will ensure every required COVID protocol is in place for DESIFEST 2022.

    Internal Team
    All DESIFEST staff, volunteers,
    vendors, artists, project managers must be fully vaccinated to work
    on our team for 2022.

    Emergency Team
    • We will have a larger presence of medical staff from
    St. John Ambulance and Toronto Police Service
    • Hand sanitizers located at each vendor
    and around the square

    Thank you vendors!

    Audience Segmentation


    We have seen consistent growth among 18-25 year-olds. South Asian millennials bring the East-West mix in their purchasing and brand choices.


    With the new hybrid model, we have added another growing demographic into our audience base. Studies show that this category spends more than millennials on wants and were the early adopters of technology. Uniquely, this generation spends more on brands to gift to a younger demographic.


    We have had an increase in attendance and following from this category over 14 years. For many young professionals and families, DESIFEST is the perfect brand that is inclusive.


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      COVID-19 helped us re-focus on our WHY; our purpose. While we celebrate our growth, the massive crowds, millions of impressions and the stage, DESIFEST began to support the artists and to have a platform for them to tell their stories.

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