Deepa Unnikrishnan – better known by her stage name, Dee MC – is not only one of Mumbai’s hit rappers but is also a strong-willed social activist.

 As a lyricist and storyteller, she is becoming a legendary icon by addressing what are rather taboo topics with glory. She had shared that growing up she was surrounded by many misogynistic minds and now is inspired to continuously use her platform to uplift those around her. Some of her recent hits, “No More Limits” and “Chaar Logo Ki Baatein” for example, highlight some of the imposed cultural barriers and empower oppressed individuals to step up and out of the shadows, and to embrace who they are.

In fact, one of her recent collaborations was with the Mahindra Education Trust earlier this year, where she advocated for the empowerment and education of young girls. You can check out, “Rise Up” the anthem they produced in dedication to female children here, and be part of the change Dee MC is sparking.

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