• Dee MC

    Deepa Unnikrishnan – better known by her stage name, Dee MC – is not only one of Mumbai’s hit rappers but is also a strong-willed social activist.

     As a lyricist and storyteller, she is becoming a legendary icon by addressing what are rather taboo topics with glory. She had shared that growing up she was surrounded by many misogynistic minds and now is inspired to continuously use her platform to uplift those around her. Some of her recent hits, “No More Limits” and “Chaar Logo Ki Baatein” for example, highlight some of the imposed cultural barriers and empower oppressed individuals to step up and out of the shadows, and to embrace who they are.

    In fact, one of her recent collaborations was with the Mahindra Education Trust earlier this year, where she advocated for the empowerment and education of young girls. You can check out, “Rise Up” the anthem they produced in dedication to female children here, and be part of the change Dee MC is sparking.

    Come on out to DESIFEST this June 8th to see the line-up of incredible Desi artists which of course features the remarkable Dee MC!

  • DJ Sharad

    As the co-founder of DJUSA, DJ Sharad has been breaking ground not only with his mix melodies, but by bringing together some of the best DJs in the game.

    Following the guests of honour, the DJ is the next most recalled person at an event. You see, it’s more than spinning records and shouting out a stage name between songs. It’s about the energy the DJ exudes and establishes throughout the night and the nostalgia that comes when hearing a track years after an event, that rewinds time and keeps some of your favorite memories close.

    Sharad maintains his perfect work-life balance by curating an environment that vibrates with positive energy and by using his passion to drive all that he does.

    Having collaborated with Nike, Adidas and Fox News, this New York-raised sensation will be featured at desiFEST 2019!

  • DJ Juicy

    With 20 years of experience beginning when he was merely 10 years old, DJ Juicy is now one of the most sought-after disk jockeys, enticing folks from across the world.

    As a child growing up in the culturally dense community of Queens, New York, DJ Juicy was introduced to a beautiful blend of music and rhythms that fit so well together. Playing gigs now at nightclubs and social events, he continues to display the unity of people from across the world, by embedding fragments of history into his mixes.

    Part of what drives his success is his continuous thirst for education. He has always seen himself as a student of music and in humbly accepting the teachings of others, works persistently to perfect his skillsets.

    Come on out to desiFEST this June 8th, 2019 to experience our line-up of DJs, it’ll be a night you don’t want to miss!

  • Azim Apurbo

    Performing around the nooks of Toronto, Azim Aprubo leaves the crowd in awe with three simple things, strokes on his acoustic guitar, his harmonium and his silvery vocals.

    The beauty of performing covers is that they’re a re-expression of a song that has touched so many hearts, only to touch a few more. He has a knack for capturing the essence of the original artist in his covers while adding a personal flare that casts a long-lasting impression on his audience.

    From covers of Maroon5 and Ed Sheeran to Azam Khan and Ustad Niyaz Md. Chowdhury, Apurbo has made a name for himself in multicultural communities across Toronto!

    Highlighted at Nathan Phillips Square, local pubs and at TIFF, he is now making his way to DesiFEST 2019! You can remain updated on all of his success by following his Instagram page, azimapurbo!


  • Rajan

    For Rajan, the radical rap and hip-hop star that’s been kicking it with big names in the game, music is all about the experience. His blueprint for success stems from the personal flare he adds in not only his rhythms and raps but his choreography and music videos.

    But 16K YouTube subscribers, and 45K monthly listeners on Spotify keeps this Indo-Canadian creator humble. As with many artists, Rajan’s music is inspired by his environment and his hits come to life through collaborations with those that hold special places in his life.

    Since opening for Drake at a showcase at Ryerson University a few years back, Rajan has ventured to the Concrete Jungle to open for Trey Songz, Tory Lanez and Young Ma at the Hot for the Holidays Showcase! Speaking of his co-Canadian artist, in 2018 Rajan released his new single, “Maybe” featuring Tory Lanez.

    He truly is an artist of today and you won’t want to miss him lighting up the stage at DesiFEST 2019, right here in Toronto!

    Click this link to subscribe to his YouTube channel to check out all of his latest hits and here to follow his Instagram page, you’ll definitely want to stay up to date with his game changing moves!

  • Nani (Anjali)

    With a parent from India and the other from America, Nani (formerly known as Anjali World) is truly a bridge between the enticing cultures of both the East and the West.

    In her first self-written hit, “We Turn Up” she brings together banging Bollywood beats and American rapper French Montana, propelling her as a dynamic female artist. You see, it’s this passion for representing not only Indians but Indian-Americans that fuels the fire she shines so bright with.

    Music is not however her only connection to the world, as Nani also founded a non-profit organization, Jaws and Paws that is geared to the awareness and conservation of endangered species. She spent many of her younger years scuba diving and rescuing animals and have translated her hobbies into what is now a world-changing initiative. In fact, all proceeds generated from her music is donated to non-profit organizations.

    This gem believes in using your passions and expertise to power your higher purpose, where hers happens to be the expression of emotions through forms of art to connect to the general public.

    Check out her feature at #DesiFEST2019 right here in Toronto, Ontario at #Yonge-DundasSquare!

  • Azeem Haq

    Rap and hip-hop are historically known for their ability to narrate societal occurrences and personal experiences, as can be found through Azeem Haq’s bars.

    He dabbled with song writing and producing since the age of 13 but one of his show-stopping moments was in 2017, when both the National Hockey League and the Toronto Maple Leafs celebrated 100 years of history. Haq’s tribute to a game he knew and loved was a mix of the empowering, “Go Leafs Go” chant coupled with his own verses that glorified the Leafs and unified fans.

    But going viral on many local entertainment streams wasn’t the only success that came from this single, all proceeds generated by the anthem supported the SickKids Foundation.

    As a child, Haq was among those who benefitted from the aid and resources of the SickKids hospital and in humbly expressing his gratitude, Haq has a mission to in turn support both the kids and staff of the facility.

    Featured on Spotify and Google Play Music, Haq is an example for folks everywhere that the power to create connected communities lies within us.

    Check out his set at this year’s DesiFEST in Toronto, Ontario, you won’t want to miss his rad raps! If you can’t hold out until the show, you can vibe to his tracks by checking him out on all major streaming platforms, including his YouTube channel!

    Check his Facebook and Twitter

  • Zzen

    This band takes a modern twist on the Taals and guttural expressions of Desi folk music with their rocker riffs. They’re resurfacing some of the best Bollywood hits by merging sounds from hit 90s rock.

    You can check out the latest release of their cover, “Khudi” on their YouTube page which in fact fact brought them up to spot #2 on the ReverbNation’s release list in March of this year! You can also check out the rest of their digital soundtrack, here on their website!

    Based in Toronto, Ontario Zzen returns to DesiFEST by popular demand! Rock out to their hits this year on June 8th right here in Toronto, Ontario at Yonge-Dundas Square!



  • Meend – the Unbroken Flow

    Ramona Sylvan
    Ramona is a Tabla exponent of the Punjab Gharana. Her tutelage started from a tender age under the loving guidance of her Guru, Ustad Mohan Singh Ji, and later she started learning from Ustad Tari Khan.
    Ramona continues to perform tabla throughout the GTA for top acclaimed artistes, as well as teaches under the watchful eye of her Guru and continues her own study of Tabla perpetually.
    Devi Mahadeo
    Devi is a Classically Trained Vocalist. She studied Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet under the guidance of her Guru Shri Sachin Sharma, student of the legendary King of Ghazals, the Late Shri Jagjit Singh. Devi has performed alongside her Guru, as well as many other artistes around North America, in many cultural programs.
    Devi produces music videos and covers, available on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, and continues to amaze audiences with her soulful voice.
    Ajay Maharaj
    Ajay is a Classically Trained Musician. He started learning Keyboard at a tender age under Shri Sachin Sharma. He developed an ear for music and later taught himself how to sing.
    Ajay has performed music alongside his Guru, and regularly performs with his sister Devi, as well as many other artistes across North America for a variety of programs. He produces music videos and covers numerous songs, available on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
    Randy Mahadeo
    Randy is a Classically Trained Vocalist and musician. He studied Indian Classical music for 11 years, and Gurmat Sangeet for another 9 years under his Ustad Davinder Partap Singh Ji, an exponent of traditional Gurmat Sangeet known worldwide.
    Randy performs regularly throughout the GTA for many different cultural programs and sings in a variety of Indian languages. He holds music classes for all ages, teaching the importance of Indian culture.
    Vishall Dharamdass
    Vishall Dharamdass started his musical journey at the age of 5 wherein he first studied the art of tabla under the tutelage of Ustad Mohan Singh Dahaley. He has also furthered his practice under the guidance of Ustad Sachin Sharma and Ustad Mani Bhardwaj.
    He has also learned bollywood style dholak from Devin Latchmana and West Indian Taan from Pt. Krishendath Maharaj. Vishall, now 24 years old holds a BSc in Psychology and is currently pursuing a business career at Mercedes-Benz Canada.
  • XD Pro Music

    Manifesting the energies of multiple genres, SoundCloud sensation, XDPro Music specializes in the fusion of bright beats to create the vibes we bump to.

    Co-founders, Maninder Dogra and Shaan Sangha first met through mutual friends, where their passion for melodious music transformed their friendship into what is now their very own production studio right here in Toronto, Ontario!

    Now six years after the establishment of their brand they’ve partnered with hit stars such as Tej Gill, Rupan Bal and Deep Dallas.

    They found true success after channeling their inspirations and infusing their music with authentic fragments of themselves, something they communicate to upcoming artists of any kind.

    Dabbling in the realms of R&B, Electro, Punjabi and hip-hop, XDPro have most recently released their collaboration with artist, Diljit Dosanjh and the new single Kylie X Kareena. After jamming to their hits which are also featured on their YouTube Channel, be sure to check out their set at this year’s DesiFEST 2019!

    Check their Twitter and Facebook