UBC Girlz Bhangra performing at desifest Vancouver 2008.

“The UBC Girlz Bhangra Team is a dynamic, high energy team, which as has taken both Canada and the United States by storm over the last 6 years. This team is easily recognized as one of the Bhangra Elite in competition circles across North America. The UBC Girlz have helped revolutionize and raise the bar for women’s bhangra, being one of the first all-female bhangra teams to not only enter the competition circuit, but to place at the top of heavy weight competitions such as Bruin Bhangra, South Beach Bhangra, VIBC, Zee TV, Bhangra Blast and many many more!”

Dholi: Birinder ‘Bear’ Narang

RBC desifest Vancouver 2008. Presented by Telus. “Celebrating South Asian music and culture.”


Water Street, Gastown, Vancouver, BC, Canada. May 3, 2008.

This video is a combination of two sessions. The first half came from the morning session. The second half came from the afternoon section. I have fixed the audio sync problem in this latest edit.

(desifest / desi fest)


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