DesiHipHop proudly present’s ‘Sacred Soil 2’ album by Unknown Mizery Produced by Lay Low.

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1- Intro
2- Hunger Games (prod. Lay Low)
3- Manufactured Thoughts (prod. Lay Low)
4- Economic Circus (prod. Lay Low)
5- Black Mirrors (prod. Lay Low)
6- Johnny’s Still A Walker (prod. Lay Low)
7- Fading Avatars (prod. Lay Low)
8- Interlude
9- Anti Fa (prod. Lay Low)
10- Two Eagles (prod. Lay Low)
11- Red Planet (prod. Lay Low)
12- Dying Forest (prod. Lay Low)
13- Gun Powder (prod. Lay Low)
14- Mountain Of Light (prod. Lay Low)
15- Outro (prod. Lay Low)

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