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download: MUSIC PRODUCTIONS debuted this track at Desi Fest in Vancouver (gastown). This track is a remix to the hit single For You off the a-slam mixtape. It’s a track that we wrote for our moms. The original was all english, this one contains punjabi and spanish lyrics. The idea for the remix was inspired by Imran Khan’s Ni Nachleh. The song was done in collaboration with Danni an up and coming reggaeton producer in Vancouver. The video contains clips from the Shaw Telethon, VIBC, JoSH, and other events. Big thank you to Atish Ram at Shaw TV, Naveen at RJ1200am, and Raymond Kam for the video footage.

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For You a-slam
Come on, you know this ones for you ma,
Ya, only one like you, you know?

Dal & Inez(Chorus)
If I could stand tall for a moment
Not fall for a moment
I would make it to that moment for you

If I could inhale for a second
Exhale for a second,
Id breathe that second for you.

Maybe I should face every moment
And not chase every moment
Embrace more moments with you

But now Im on the grind every second
Instead of lying every second
Gonna make it to the top for you

Shes unstoppable you got to know
She is my world, her sacrifice is unplotable
Like rock and roll, my soul was never locked
Behind doors; like a metronome goes
She keeps going and going again

She wants to be back at home, but not alone
Displaced in a world unknown,
No longer on her own, a son by her thrown
A queen qualified by life
More than my mom, she is my friend

Again and again
Ask how did it end?
Got me pacing back and forth thinking about excuses
How we gonna do this
Through the ups and downs
You and who went through it
Best believe when it comes to rapen Im immaculate

Damn right Ill prove it
When it comes to maken moves
Youll know who did it
Thats why Advo made it
Case the man was dedicated
Saw a vision when in meditation
No more aggravation
Moved you to the hills from your troubled situation
All for you

Maye meriye (my mother)
Jind meriye (you are my life)

From the ups and downs
You always been around
With you by my side
No one could take me down (x4)


Single mother, with no other
Me, my brother, so she wonders
Why did he turn out user
And I turned out like another?

There is no answer, I can give her
That will satisfy her sorrow
As a mother she is blinded by the love
For her two toddlers

She blames herself, I cannot help
I try to tell her he has no honor
Why do I bother? Cause I love her
But I cannot trust her anymore

He makes me mad, she makes me sad
What of my dad, his mind is closed
So know I will not leave you on this road alone

Maye Meriyeh
Jind meriyeh
Tere Bajoh Hanere ni
Noor Akhiyaan da toohiyo eh (x2)
(My mother, you are my life, without you my world would be dark, you light up my life)

Si tu supieres lo que yo aria solamente por ti
Que para ti no es nada sufrir
dominara montanas, te tengo en mi alma
y esto de dedico de corazon

[if you know what Id do for you and only you
youd understand that for you its nothing to suffer. I have you with me and in my soul
and this I give to u from the heart

Momma, this for you, you know?
Mothers around the world
Lonely single mothers
Blessed be always and forever more


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