Perfectionism is a trait that tends to derail so many off their course to living a successful and abundant life.  A lesson I learned several years ago is to take imperfect, messy action when starting something new.  It may seem scary, but I share with you some important lessons on why starting something has a bigger purpose than waiting until it is “perfect”. Hosted by Award-Winning Filmmaker and Founder of Monawar Studios, Arsalan Monawar shares his wisdom, knowledge and hacks into the world of living a life of abundance (through the Law of Attraction).  Through each episode, you will be able to apply this wonderful knowledge to your business, your finances, your health, your relationships, and more!  Arsalans goal is to educate, motivate and inspire you to be successful and do GREAT things with your wealth. As the child of an immigrant, the stories and insights related to a “Desi” (translation: Living abroad), the unique take on the abundance mentality will transform your life.  Get ready to manifest your passion into profit.

Source by The Abundant Desi Podcast

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