Dj Ish from the world famous DESI VIBES ROADSHOW has mixed up a few of his personal fav bangers, A lot of mixtapes floating around at the moment however this is definitely different from the rest of the material out there currently.

A personal shout from Dj Ish to all the east London family representing doing their thing.

Personal big up to:
Dj Kam, Dj Gov, Dj Raees, Amar Sian Dholi, Dj Dipz, Maharajas, Jaz, Deeps, My boy Mr JD from Masters Music, Garrrrry, VP, Kully Beatz, Harmz, Tech Man Amz, Jassi / Skyline Family, UVD, Manjy B, Fusion Roadshow, Dj Amarjit Digpal, Kulraj, Kurran Hara, Prabs Matharu, Viney Sharma, Raven Events, Indy, Punit, Harry, DholNBass, Pritpal, Amit Lall, Paramvir (Ricky do the dance), Gavz, Nikhil, Sat EQ, Harj, Itz, SwiftyBeats, Harps (MC), Champion Sound, Tejpal, Nilz, Sub Fx, Desi Flex, Switch……

I’m sure I have missed a few out…. sorry lads, still BIG UP YOURSELVES KEEP DOING YOUR THING!


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