This was shot in 2014 and it never made it out of the editing room.

This is also one of the most expressive conversations I have ever had about desiFEST, what the project means to me, my dad and the project’s impact to my own personal life.

Through music, community development and artists support, we have started an incredible project. 12 years in, we are as passionate as we were in Year 1! ..

I love our team! Their hard work, dedication and belief in our purpose has been the catalyst behind our success.

Please join us, spread the word, support local music, support each other and let’s build an incredible, global community.

Shoutout to Jag, Sunny and the team at Dream Productions ..

Sathish Bala
CEO | Founder


We have been working with the South Asian community since 2006, supported by brand
partners and government organizations, to host an incredible music festival. Follow DESIFEST on all platform. Get in touch to release new music, perform at an upcoming event or apply for an open position.

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