Rap and hip-hop are historically known for their ability to narrate societal occurrences and personal experiences, as can be found through Azeem Haq’s bars.

He dabbled with song writing and producing since the age of 13 but one of his show-stopping moments was in 2017, when both the National Hockey League and the Toronto Maple Leafs celebrated 100 years of history. Haq’s tribute to a game he knew and loved was a mix of the empowering, “Go Leafs Go” chant coupled with his own verses that glorified the Leafs and unified fans.

But going viral on many local entertainment streams wasn’t the only success that came from this single, all proceeds generated by the anthem supported the SickKids Foundation.

As a child, Haq was among those who benefitted from the aid and resources of the SickKids hospital and in humbly expressing his gratitude, Haq has a mission to in turn support both the kids and staff of the facility.

Featured on Spotify and Google Play Music, Haq is an example for folks everywhere that the power to create connected communities lies within us.

Check out his set at this year’s DesiFEST in Toronto, Ontario, you won’t want to miss his rad raps! If you can’t hold out until the show, you can vibe to his tracks by checking him out on all major streaming platforms, including his YouTube channel!

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