How To Raise Funding For Your Music Project

First Event as Applaus – Masterclass: Applaus is hosting its first event for BIPOC artists and creators. Sathish Bala will be leading a masterclass on How to Raise Funding.¬†This is especially important for those that don’t know how they can get more from the government to fuel their craft/art/business. The event is on July 27th and is free to attend. Save your spot at


How does Applaus work?

Network with other BIPOC Creators & Artists

Network with other BIPOC Creators & Artists

Get new opportunities to share your craft and earn money on new performances 

"Our goal at APPLAUS is to foster a community of BIPOC artists - something authentic, driven by a sense of purpose and a dedication to elevating one another." - Sathish Bala, Founder

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About Applaus Community

Applaus is a community for BIPOC artists and creators. Our goal is to elevate the craft of underrepresented artists and enable them to connect with others, partner with major brands and unlock new opportunities.

Applaus Discord – a big part of why Applaus exists is to connect BIPOC artists through networking. This is why we have spun up our very own discord channel – exclusively for BIPOC artists and creators. This is a safe place for them to network, grow and learn from one another.

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    COVID-19 helped us re-focus on our WHY; our purpose. While we celebrate our growth, the massive crowds, millions of impressions and the stage, DESIFEST began to support the artists and to have a platform for them to tell their stories.

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