• Jaz Dhami

    Vocalist, Jaz Dhami’s musical career was inspired by his father, lead vocalist of the Bhangra group Sangam, though his music identifies more with the genre of folkhop, a blend of Bhangra and hip-hop.

    Among his musical talents though, Jaz finds beauty and excitement in the creative process – beginning with a blank canvas and curating a story through mere words on a page that are then brought to life by rhythm and dance. And you see, it’s this encapsulated energy that he places emphasis on, whether it’s the energy in the atmospheres he works in and how that fuels his drive, the energy infused into his music and how that resonates with his audience or the energy he irradiates and how it inspires others to pursue what may be an unconventional passion.

    Jaz was quite lucky to have a father who paved a path that allowed his artistic interest to flourish, but this isn’t often the case with many South Asian families. It’s with this understanding though that he has become a leading advocate for youth participation in sports – namely football – as means of breaking some of the cultural barriers imposed on young children.

    With four albums and over 20 singles, Dhami, “the guy with the harmonium” is creating his own vibe in the realm of Bhangra. Don’t miss out on his melodies and be sure to check out his set at this year’s DesiFest 2019!

  • Raja Kumari

    Creating a runway of her own, this Indian Princess bridges her Eastern roots with her embraced culture of the West, through the art of music.

    Though born and raised in California, being a first generation American meant that as a child, songwriter and rapper, Raja Kumari was more acquainted with her Indian roots as opposed to the occidental culture at her doorsteps. From the age of 7 she trained to become fluent in forms of classical Indian dance, where she grew accustomed to thinking in melodic patterns and in allowing her body and mind to resonate with various beats and sounds. It was through these acquired characteristics that she in fact became enticed by the rhythms of Western rap and hip-hop, as these modes of music spoke to her similar to how Bharatanatyam did, through the use of drums, beats and bass.

    Through her music she not only pays homage to her cultural roots but provides a doorway for foreign listeners to appropriately acquaint themselves with Indian culture and she therefore seems to be creating more unified societies.

    After much collaboration with top artists in the game she pursued the strength of her own voice and creates music that fuses together the two cultures she’s incredible proud to represent.

    Reserve your spot at this year’s DesiFEST 2019 to vibe with Raja Kumari’s bold beats and riveting rhythms.