Zack Knight & Jasmin Walia – Love Me Like U Do (Ellie Goulding Cover)


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  1. He sounds like Sam Smith.. Who agrees??

  2. dammit

  3. Check the channel name then the description..

  4. you swwimw sims

  5. It's surely a pleasure to hear u both!!!!!!!!!???

  6. jasmine's great, but zack ur amazing

  7. Jasmine u have a beautiful voice

  8. Wow… you guys are one of the best to me. Seriously

  9. I swear you remind me of usher and john legend but boi you slay

  10. o hmmmmm nice man

  11. o hmmmmm nice man

  12. zack looks good with glasses he should wear them more often

  13. I think jasmine should have just not stretched and added that extra cord in there
    apart from that I am really big fans of u also u should have sand a bit shower

  14. loving the auto tune Jasmin x

  15. if zack knight replied to one of my comments then i would flip

  16. zack knight every song are just amazing

  17. jasmin walia and zack knight sing really good together

  18. Sounds amazing…… But the amazing amount of auto tune used…..

  19. Omg Zack I m a big fan of urs….!!!!

  20. both of their voices sound retouched in this… hers more than his.

  21. jazz u have to work on this song its not upto the mark dont take it negative u can do it

  22. Jasmin walks so nice song love me and u

  23. love u so much

  24. love this song

  25. Amaizing voice

  26. jasmin CAN sing but there's nothing special with her voice

  27. She looks soooo like ellie goldings omg

  28. If Jasmin got a voice coach, she'd sound pretty good actually.

  29. love you Jas

  30. shes voice is too heart touching

  31. jasmin walia 's voice was tremendous

  32. shes excellent compared to when they did dum de dum together her voice was so poorly auto tuned

  33. omg zack your vicals r amazing !!!

  34. Jasmine, the chorus was bad

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