What Do You Mean (Zindagi Remix) – Jai Matt & Dr. Srimix | Justin Bieber


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  1. ???? Nice dude

  2. loved it bro. keep uploading.

  3. irritating?????
    be yourself rather then copying the legend!

  4. Awesome Bro it's outstanding

  5. What's the tune used from the beginning to :06. I recognize the tune but I can't figure out the song it came from.

  6. I love this remix your the best!!!!!!!!!!!:))):)))

  7. Can you put the soundcloud link?

  8. * Amazing talent! Keep up the good work. Blessings you have, but more are on the way!

  9. this is cool

  10. Bro this is sick…even tho I don't understand wtf ur saying..beautiful language…what do u mean? XD

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