The PropheC – Brand New Me ft. Alicia Keys


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  1. Incomparable With Any Song..♥

  2. ❤ This song

  3. I just LOVE your work!

  4. AAwwwwSSSSmmmmmmEEEEEE………..

  5. greeaaatttt…. ! <3

  6. Love this track!

  7. thumbs up if you think this is better than the orignal

  8. your voice and music ,,,,fabulous

  9. Way better than the original and mashallah he's just amazing woww!!! Love him mwahh <3 xxxxx

  10. DUDE IF YOU THINK THIS IS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL youre insane… prophec is dope as hell and all but no where close to being in alicia keys lane…… she produces sings writes and is FINEE ASS HELL dont even saying this is better than her… put rahat fateh on this and it still wont be as good as the original

  11. dont get me wrong prophec did dirt but dont try to take away from the original

  12. Alicia Keys 😀


  14. Can someone please give me the lyrics to the first part of the song when he sings

  15. he should do proper collaborations like this, sounds very very proper, and he's one of the best musicians i think!

  16. nice song……….

  17. wooo nice, amazing song, people change and move on only way 2 carry on

  18. Woowwwwww this is just soo realistic an you feel it deep if something similar has happened… Keep it upp fella!!!!

  19. Bro why cnt I find photographs by prophec??


  21. Just the awesome….. Keep it going man….

  22. a very nice song

  23. 439 only……oh god why………

  24. ProheC your amazing your whenever I listen to your songs it makes me smile ?☺??

  25. Very nice song. Haters will always hate. Ignore haters. Keep up the great work PropheC.

  26. U r great bro. awesome voice, music and lyrics u have. And ur composition r too great. hats off to u✌???

  27. U r great bro. awesome voice, music and lyrics u have. And ur composition r too great. hats off to u✌???

  28. I listened to this track 5 years ago n somehow I lost all my playlist n totally forgot about this song..then one day suddenly it's lyrics came into my mind but couldn't recall the singer name,song name or anything but music was into my mind all day.. I used to listen to this track all day and now I finally found this ,m so happy I can't tell.. I am in love with this track. The best track ever❤️

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