The Bilz & Kashif : India Trip pt.1


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  1. Ive met Kashif twice around MTL.. soo down to earth and a good guy.

  2. Instrumental at 1:40 sounds nutssssss

  3. kashif..watsup man…dude..i just heard about u…you are good man…actually i just to pak. after 10 yrs myslef…hella fun..but man..i rap myself, and am pretty good…hopefully someday in future i'll get the pleasure to rap with u!! good luck man..very good music..absolutely love it…and see u in future someday!!

  4. sup kashif..ur music is very tight man…actually i just went to pak. myself..after 19 yrs…good experience…
    man i rap as well, and hopefully i'll get a chance to rap with u one day…good luck..and see u in future someday!!

  5. yoo thats a sikk instrumental of Turn the music up…could you release it?

  6. i like that yall dunn forget wheere ur roots are and where u come frum .. so yeee keep it up =]

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