Superstar [Sid Sriram Music Video]


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  1. Everyone please share and make this hidden talent famous.

  2. I wonder if you could do a cover for one of Sade's songs. I'm a huge fan of her.

  3. easily one of my favourites.

  4. gorgeouuuuus ♥

  5. great singing man as always! Ur ARR songs are exceptional!

  6. One person is an idiot

  7. in love with this!

  8. Never stop!!! You are a creative genius from you vids to your lyrics

  9. Ohh my jesus you are so great!!!! You should be in the radio

  10. Sid, please do a cover of Wayfaring Stranger?

  11. Different level

  12. I love the song, but I really love the video.

  13. guarantee you no one checks that shit out u spammer

  14. Good shit bro, now go on a singing competition show

  15. sick video concept… love the song

  16. Sid, what mics do you use and recording software? The sound quality is incredible and you always kill it!
    Much respect!

  17. So dope bro

  18. Awesome music! As a current MSJHS student, I'm inspired by you to continue my own musical pursuits. Keep it up!

  19. dude im a producer from CT, worked with some big people, im gonna promote the hell out of this song for you…incredible

  20. not only are your renditions amazing, but the sound quality is always top notch.

  21. Made it your own, Sid.

  22. Youu sang Yadike with A.R.Rahman, dude, i fell in love with your voice the first time i heard that song. <3


  24. This is what true music is!!!! Wish Adele did a duet with you

  25. Woooooowwwww this is Amazing…:)

  26. simply amazing

  27. Oooomgggg!!! That was LIFE-GIVING!!! U have to hear it on surround sound or just a speaker to truly appreciate it. That was everything, Sid!!

  28. you are awesome my friend!

  29. niCe bro………….

  30. This is just B E A U T I F U L !

  31. you did Luther justice!

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