Sid Sriram- Elevate ft. Sonny Shotz [Prod. by Sid Sriram]


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  1. sid luv ur songs exspecially ennodu nee irundhaal

  2. sid ive bee a fan forever i love your voice!

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  4. Intense…like it.

  5. The fact that this vid is only at 16k views really frustrates me haha. It should be well over a couple million…

  6. your songs are on repeat on my ipod keep what it up!

  7. Really liking the cover art for the single. Not merely as much as I like the song though – gob well done. Would be a crime if the video doesn't hit a million+ views.

  8. I guess i understand you, but you should listen to We All Try first of all , and then some other songs he sing, he is truly amazing

  9. what is my motivation for listening to someone after a really bad first impression. how does that make me a dick. youre just oversensitive.

  10. Well you sound like a dick coming in and saying that you won't even give him a chance because you heard one song and think he's trying to sound like The Weeknd? The Weeknd sounds a lot darker than this.. the weeknd sounds so much more different than this. You're pathetic for even posting that. Even on his cover of "High for This" it doesn't even feel like the weeknd. Sid does his own thing.

  11. i havent heard much of your music but this is the first song i clicked and you sound like a weeknd wannabe. not saying you are, but based on this song you sound like a biter and it doesnt make me want to check out your other music. even the rapper at the end sounds like drake karaoke. wtf man be yourselves. this shit is pathetic no one likes a dickrider.

  12. I think he's just bein Sid…Sid has his own sound, any artist is gonna have certain influences that may come out in certain songs….but Sid has alot of work that is COMPLETELY original and new, and refreshing to say the least

  13. that instrumental is a mix of "Deamons" by Asap Rocky just backwards and something added touches but it sounds dope love it


  15. it says prod. by sid sriram……

  16. whats so homosexual about loving his music, freaking retard……..

  17. Your best work. You are improving as an artist at an exponential rate.

  18. Yo Sid how could we get you out here in baton rouge, louisiana. I think i would want to hear you perform in like a auditorium where everyone could sit down and just get lost in your music with a cool little light show 🙂

  19. but what would have been homo about liking music? :S

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