Sapnon se Bhare Naina – Shankar Mahadevan (Shankar Tucker Cover) (ft. Rohini Ravada) | Music Video


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  1. killed original .. seriously…

  2. amazing..truly blessed her voice is…

  3. SUPERB। God bless U all।

  4. Why the cover of "aaj jaane ki zidd na karo" by Rohini has been deleted? There is not even one single cover which comes close to hers. Please re-upload it, if you can.

  5. i wish i had a chance to meet this lady …

  6. Hi I am not able to find your "Aaj jane see zid na karo". Has it been removed?

  7. Rohini God has already blessed u and Thacker.I prey you both to reach the topMOST.

  8. Shankar Tucker and Shankar Mahadevan are the two best music guys in the world. You really need to have a sense, a taste of music to appreciate them. Hats-off sirs.

  9. why isn't aaj jaane ki not available any more? 🙁

  10. Rohini you can EASILY become a great singer.Persue this great art .You WILL AND CAN make it to the top.

  11. wow…i like this song very much…like u singer…love u

  12. heart touching voice

  13. <3

  14. Your voice is so very much pure wine. Heart touching.

  15. I love how that image of Maa Durga is brought in and out of focus behind her all the time. It does real justice symbolizing the power and purity in her voice.

  16. what a wonderful voice .. Hats off

  17. Very beautifully rendered.

  18. Shankar Tucker, you're an amazing, multitalented artist. I have been following your music since a long time, and I have never happened to dislike any. Great to have you!

  19. I love your voice , Excellent work ..  "Koi jo paye toh mann mein hi paye"

  20. sherya has competition wow

  21. This really called dedication to the profession. She sung well with God gifted beautiful voice as she is born.

  22. your voice touch my soul…..

  23. Kuchh log hi h jo dil aatma or feelings k sath gaate h she is one of them…Respect a lot You dear Sis

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