Ruben Yousuf (2017 desiFEST Artist)


Ruben Yousuf is a multi-talented individual with an enormous aspiration to acquire new talents and knowledge. To name a few, he is a multi-lingual vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, music composer, music instructor, sound engineer, poet, artist, social worker and philanthropist. He has been passionate about music since childhood and commenced taking classical singing lessons in Bangladesh at the tender age of only four from his Ustaad, Bashir Ahmed. He shares his love for the performing arts through his school of music called: “Shurobitan”. Ruben tours across North America to perform in various musical concerts, appears in ethnic television programs and also has albums released from Bangladesh, India and the USA.

Ruben is not only about the arts – he takes as much interest in the sciences. In the professional realm, he is a practicing Software Engineer (P.Eng.) with a Master’s degree from the University of Calgary; as well, he is currently in pursuit of an industry-funded Ph.D. degree in Systems Design Engineering on a part-time basis at the University of Waterloo. It is of note-worthy that all of his post-secondary education was funded by scholarships and stipends. He also takes interest in presenting his research discoveries at conferences held around the world. Ruben has numerous technical papers and journal publications to his credit. In his spare time, he likes to play sports (soccer, badminton, hockey and swimming), paint, catch the latest movies, be active in the community and for the environment, and tries to find crossroads between science and music.