Photograph – Ed Sheeran (Cover) by Rijk ft. Nadisha Thomas


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  1. good job ,, (y)

  2. hi… we interest with your cover…. we wanna make music video with your cover… hope you like that

  3. I like this better than the original 👏👏👏👏

  4. are you guys from indoneasia : kalau begitu halo

  5. nice cover,
    but when first time watching it, been curious how high the chorus will be
    sadly she took the lower one, this song is a falsetto song apparently

  6. uploads more songs please!

  7. whahhahah we dont need to hear your indian accent

  8. Such an cool arrangement, I started making also music, have a
    look at my cover of "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran, I hope you will like it!
    Give me a start support like subscribe, like or comments! Have a nice
    xmas 🙂

  9. Perfect arrangement, could not be better.

  10. 4 times i repeat this cover.. ! its realy nice..

  11. better than original.. ahahaha i love this song..! add to may play list..

  12. this is really unique cover among all other covers, love the beat and goodjob guys 🙂

  13. the best part of this song is the team work! all of u r so awosome!!

  14. It be amazing huuuu.. Love it <3

  15. When is your next cover? Ive listened to this for a year on repeat!

  16. 2 ac's in a same room wow… Haahaa

  17. I chance upon your cover while finding materials for my lesson plan. I really enjoyed this cover and I think it's my favourite cover of Photograph yet 🙂 The arrangement is really clean and each musician was great at their parts.

    Well done and hope to see more from you guys! <3 <3

  18. great cover!!!you guys mixed your own beats and tunes unlike other people who just copy the whole song!!

  19. nossa mano muittooooooo booooom ameiii parabens!!!

  20. WOW. Amazing band. Wish you the very best for the future.. Amazing voice Nadisha …..

  21. curti não… mas nada contra quem curtiu. Voz dessa mina ae não ficou legal pra mim nessa música não.

  22. good. but electronic mix doesn't really match to the song. clean guitar works better I guess. anyways very nice.

  23. Wow Nadisha, this is fantastic. So proud of you!

  24. superb ……

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