Parichay – Kasam Se (I Swear) ft. Joe Louis [Official Music Video]


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  1. Well than I'm proud of him as I'm Indian as well 🙂

  2. actauly hes indian thats why his voice is amazing!

  3. i jus luv dis song…..!!!!!

  4. ahhhhh his voice is so intoxicating. I LOVE HIM.
    is he pakistani?? well then NO WONDER his voice is amazing 🙂 <3

  5. sound somewhat like usher's in this club… but hey, i like Parichay.. !! keep it up brother…

  6. @cappocchino exactly it is similar to love in the club

  7. mc's just mess the song

  8. like this track

  9. i love all songs…. of him…. keep up the good work you rock….. good efforts…..

  10. luv da song makes me cry……..
    tochin great lyrics

  11. why dont you jus dwnload ' Youtube Converter ' you can dwnload any video and it will mke da sound cum out

  12. mihaiuadafaq you're right, i was thinkin what it sounds like and it sounds like Yeah by usher. oh well. i think them tryna be all thug n ish is shitty tho, these desis don't need to be like that to be good, it comes with their singin n stuff

  13. i want diss trackk….plzzzzzz
    cn sm1 send ih mee

  14. she is hawt omg

  15. HOT HOT HOT – wicked song! love it, so soothing and brilliant lyrics!

  16. yo chris brown aint got nuttin' on him

  17. lol lol

  18. nice song & video!! keep it up!

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