Nav – Ten Toes Down (TTD) [Official Music Video]


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  1. has a vibe

  2. Not sure if i know an artist in the world better than Don Thrilla

  3. wait why does he go by two names? (post molone, nav)

  4. NAV is the next legend of 2017🔥🔥🔥

  5. I see why he in XO, Weeknd made a great choice

  6. nav sounds like PnD.. Nothing original..sounds like alot Of what's out.. won't be around that long..

  7. this my shit💯💯💯💯💯💯

  8. I was listening to nav when he was a ghost to everyone .


  10. Crazy thought, maybe NAV is the girl in the vid and we've been played thinking he's the dude.

  11. xxl 2017 freshman fosho

  12. if it ain't #XO then it gotta go.

  13. Does it really matter if someone is late? People find art at different times. If we all find things at the same time, were the same people. Thatd take the art of difference out of life.

  14. 12,000th like

  15. love u nav
    like if u agree

  16. Dominican Republic love this song son

  17. easily my fav song from NAV

  18. And they say you only have to be Black to rap 😂

  19. I like how this nigga keeps it to himself unlike other atrists who exploit their image too much

  20. He's got the same vibe as Drake & PartyNextDoor even DVSN

  21. Ma nigga should just show his face like you making money fuck hater

  22. TFW when you get a copyright claim on your own music. LOL

  23. When you copyright your own music video

  24. lmfao did nav just copyright his own channel

  25. Bruh, why does it say it has a copyright claim.

  26. Why I'm not hearing shit

  27. How do you block the soundtrack from your own official music video?

  28. wtf .. copyrighted? .. this is some bull shit

  29. how did this get a fucking copyrighy

  30. bruh wtf happened to the song

  31. fuck this copy right bullshit

  32. what the actual fuck

  33. anyone else tryna listen but can't cuz of some copyright strike:((

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