Naduvan – Dr.Burn – [Tamil Hip Hop]


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  1. nice expect more songs bro
    let's keep rocking

  2. superb n awesome Dr Burn!

  3. alagaan aarthamlla varikal

  4. Accessional lyrics and production. Love from toronto

  5. good song lyrics great do some more songs feel really cool, pleasant to hear. great 

  6. pattaya kilaputhu.. evlo naala epdi oru paata kekama miss panitaney.. it is now one of my all time favorite song.. 

  7. very nice ji.. Dr. Burn ji such a fantastic lyrics ji,, music needs a special mention,, very superb.. the negative character's performance to the lines is awesome.. overall pattaya kilapiyeenga… love u… 

  8. vaaipey ila.. fantastic..

  9. Guys you did a great job… Tears in my eyes when I watch this video… I replayed this N number of times still wanna hear again and again… Pls do one more video like this especially with Shiva…

  10. unique song, like it!

  11. அருமையாக இருந்தது பல முறை கேட்டேன் மகிழ்ந்தேன். இன்னும் இது போன்று பல பாடல்களை தமிழுக்கு கொடுங்கள்

  12. Ahh to be frank i dont like these type of Hip Hops in tamil…. But today 01-09-2013 i was browsing through the channels bored … i came across your song in makkal tv i suppose… i thought it was a new movie song – the cinematography was so osm and the music was something new to the ears…but i forgot to check out the album details..i remembered few lines of the song..i browsed in google for half an hour, ended up with all crap and finally reached this. wow ur amazing.hats off to you. 🙂

  13. If there should be someone who needs to lead tamil hiphop. Its Dr Burn. RESPECT.

  14. awesome…………………

  15. Really, i don't know what to say, Connected @ Spiritual level. I felt Tears running down @ climax… You had compressed the Equation of Life in one Beautiful Song…

  16. Destroyed the replay button!!!!!!!

  17. this sick song!! nice

  18. gud1… unlike othr tamil videos dis makes sense… keep up da gid work ppl…

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