M.I.A. – Paper Planes


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  1. is the audio supposed to be that fucked up ?

  2. i fly lide e got by likt dames itf you catch me at the border i put vezauuuuuz in th dwu v

  3. foun this song for "kid sing three gunshots"

  4. who came here cuz he knew GOOD Music in 2009 ♔

  5. me as a toddler: I LOVE THIS SONG

    me: i haven't listened to this song in 4 years

  6. My brother was wayyyy to obsessed with this song??

  7. Who is watching this in 2021…
    oh damn, i traveled too far in time!

  8. .
    no comments to my last comment and that was over seven months ago. that is great. This stupid c*** is a dumb b** who deserves to be shot in the face. however nobody cares enough even videos. dumb b**

  9. "Bella, ragazzuoli, qua è OwN".. 🙁

  10. she really sux

  11. who is watching this 2k17?

  12. My favourite song. Like if you agree yourself.

  13. She didn't create the dab, OK. Adolf Hitler did.

    Search up in YouTube: Adolf Hitler dab.

  14. Who came here because of the young offenders?

  15. COOL

  16. Damn songs so old but will never forget the scene in this is the end

  17. I found this song because some guy in a convertible on the A3 was playing this song with his roof down and honking to the beat of the gunshots.

  18. is she actually trying to sing off key?

  19. the clash-straight to hell ,sample used

  20. thought this was a new song tbh…

  21. All I wanna do is shoot up the school

  22. Piece A Piss!

  23. Who came here because of Pineapple Express?

  24. far cry 3!!!!!

  25. All I wanna do is ?? ?? ??

  26. Far Cry 3 Intro…

  27. She looks like Rebecca black if Rebecca black was black

  28. She's only gotten better since this song

  29. till the end of time

  30. WTF!! Published 18 years ago!

    When I listen this song today, I think it's a new song 2017!

  31. Clash straight to hell


  33. I'm listen this song and I'm always remember far cry 3 lol , ??

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