Justin Bieber interacts with underprivileged children and hands them 100 passes for his concert

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As everyone know by now that Justin Bieber came to India on his Purpose Tour and he landed in the city Mumbai where he was gearing up for the live concert at the Mumbai stadium on May 10th 2017. All the preparations to rock the concert was done at full fledge and the fans got very excited to see him live at the stage. On his visit to India, Justin started to attain the limelight and he has currently become the talk of the nation. People are just insane for him and they feel it bliss to see this international pop singer in their city.

After his arrival, Justin’s crew posted a video of him interacting with underprivileged children on a bus. Justin even handed out 100 passes for his concert to them. The children were overjoyed at meeting the international pop sensation. Soon after, Justin was spotted at Inorbit Mall in Vashi, Navi Mumbai sipping on a beverage.

Fans erupted in unison as Justin emerged from below the stage and breath-taking fireworks. The singer started off his set by singing ‘Mark My Words’ and proceeded to sang some of his greatest hits like ‘Company’, ‘Boyfriend’ and even brought out a guitar to perform ‘Cold Water’.
Justin sang for nearly two hours and ended up performing 20 of his greatest hits.