Jeffrey Iqbal Band – London Thumakda and Gandi Baat with Toys


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  1. lovely…

  2. This is AWESOMELY crazy 😀 😀

  3. what instrument is that
    the one he played with mouth

  4. hey Jeff can u tell me the name of app the guy is playing sounding like a bass…

  5. I love this song and u guyz killed it again…

  6. very funny video and nice video

  7. which instrument is that keyboard with blowing air?please tell me

  8. very good bro.

  9. thank you masters for making my life beautiful
    listening your music
    especially you iqbal sir and george sir you togeather are best man
    my life has become beautiful
    you both can rule the music industry

  10. creative minds..

  11. yo this is awesome guys

  12. hahahahah awesome guys thumbsuppp 😀

  13. u guys r fucking awesome….
    loved it….

  14. :-)…u sings well…come to India..

  15. omg this was amazing!!!! love you guys

  16. Never knew clarinet and Ukelele are toys…! Such a sham…!
    Like the song but deceptive caption…!

  17. it will be an honour for me to listen bulleya song ( ae dil hai mushkil) in your voice…hope you consider my request.I love your natural voice and style.

  18. funny singing….but you are rocks…

  19. it was just mind blowing guies.u guies hv fucked the bulls eye.keep it up buddies.god bless you all

  20. awesome especially the kartal

  21. what is the name of toy the left most person in green tshirt and white hat is playing ????

  22. Superb combination of everything …
    Awesome one…

  23. this video deserves like a million likes and views.

  24. Daaaaayum…!!!! You guys nailed it. 😮


  26. this is tooooo cute <3

  27. u guys are just amazing entertainers

  28. you guys are awesome

  29. amazing .. awesome …if I could join ur group

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