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  1. this is great omg

  2. Mesmerising !

  3. Sid is back with the first song off his "Insomniac Season" project. Listen to "Moments of Weakness" produced by DJ Khalil here:

  4. Amazing! Come to NY

  5. You're so amazing. _


  7. damn just saw your cover of we all try. Keep it up!

  8. You got mad talent man. I just told about 10 friends to check your work out

  9. never knew Mr.Chow plays the guitar … #TheHangover

  10. i think you should redo this song

  11. haha pause at 0:09, took them a couple tries! Love it man, you are awesome

  12. You're good, kid. Very good. Kudos and a big Hallelujah to you and the picker.

  13. I agree whit what luvstruck4eva, ur amamzing, I love raw singers and thats what you are, and I can not wait for you to come out, I support what u do, and will be fan for ever…good luck in ya future endeavors

  14. A version i listened to and will put on replay….like your music, keep it goin

  15. 3:30 that note had more soul in it than any R&B singer today……fuckin incredible.

  16. that asian dude looks like bobby lee.
    great job btw, i love ur voice bro.

  17. very nice i sing like you but you are very good

  18. wow. really surprised. this was amazing

  19. Your voice is spectacular! So different from Wainwright's, but fantastic. Good job (:

  20. Beatifully done keep at it

  21. Thanks for making me cry, talented child.

  22. Seen this a ton of times Sid and I still get the chills. If you push this song you will shine. Promise.

  23. i dont get how u can dislike this…. 😀

  24. u hav so much control of your voice and u kno what u can do with it! i love that your voice is so calm and amazingg <3

  25. That brought tears to my eyes 🙂 thank u for doing that.. You inspire me and ur voice is amaazzzinngg

  26. Dude i made the effort to reset my password on youtube (coz i forgot it) SPECIFICALLY so I could tell you how ridiculously TALENTED you are! Love the unique voice, you utilize it reeal good 🙂 I just discovered you today – and what a wonderful day you made it to be 🙂
    – fan from nz 😀

  27. So jelous about your voice, still love yah 😛

  28. its amazing to hear your voice, i'm thinking back to basic times in my life. this sound goes to my heart..somebody of you in germany? wanna play together?

  29. beautifully done!!!

  30. eres el mejor.. miro tods tus videos.. desde argentina..

  31. Bobby LEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  32. i think it would have been better on piano. but still great

  33. Dude, this is awesome! Completely took me elsewhere for 4 minutes. Seriously one of the best takes on that song, I've ever heard. Including Leonards, Jeffs and Rufus'.

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