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  • Bollywood Film-Fame Canada has been around for over 7 years. In its short 7 years, Bollywood Film-Fame Canada has become one of the most prominent media outlets in Toronto today. The editorial content is constantly re-vamped to ensure that readers wants and expectations are met. The interviews we do are exclusive – either done via telephone or in person. Because of the enhanced quality of our publication, we are able to maintain a relationship with our advertisers and sponsors that is mutually beneficial.
  • Bollywood Film-Fame Canada is easily accessible as it is available at many South Asian stores, boutiques, restaurants, and high-end retailers across the Greater Toronto Area. An option for subscription packages is also available for those clients who do not reside within the GTA or cannot visit one of our distributing centres or would simply like to enjoy the convenience of Bollywood Film-Fame Canada being delivered to their doorstep. We have a readership that boasts of 100,000 readers as this magazine is not just available at retail stores and vendors, but doctors offices, lawyers offices, where patrons frequent, visit, and read. Judge for yourself – our magazine is such that anyone who picks a copy up, will keep it because of its high quality. This significantly increases our readership.