Divya Vivek (2017 desiFEST Artist)


“I am an extrovert when it comes to my music. I sing anything and everything that is out there. I love to learn and experiment with sounds and rhythms. That’s how I best know to communicate with the universe.”

Divya Vivek is a seasoned Indian Classical vocalist who has been learning the art since she was three years old. Just like any South Indian family would, she too was pushed into the “paattu class” (group music class) phenomenon. Only after her second guru Shri Padmanabhan, she discovered her voice and started pursuing it professionally.

If asked about her happiest moment in her singing career, she would light up and say “ singing with the Indian Maestro Ilayaraja himself!”

Blessed with a natural vibrato in her voice, Divya likes to venture into Jazz and R&B and is currently training.

Her all time favorite international band is the Dream Theatre and loves Amy Winehouse.

Although Maestro Ilayaraja has a huge influence on her music taste, she loves the works of Sean Roldan, another genius in the Indian film industry.

She can sing in four Indian regional languages including Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu.

In the near future she aims to make a mark in Toronto as a household name.

Some of Divya Vivek’s work for other productions houses.