Change is Gonna Come (Sid Sriram Rendition)


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  1. please make more English music and make the current artists a run for their money.

  2. Your voice/sound/tone is so beautiful ❤️ instant love

  3. 2016 and I'm still in love with this cover since its been posted.

  4. You better sing it Boy! Take me to church ?

  5. Sid is back with the first song off his "Insomniac Season" project. Listen to "Moments of Weakness" produced by DJ Khalil here:

  6. Damn dude i fall in love with your voice!

  7. Come to NYC!!!!

  8. great voice, stay with it.

  9. Totally in love with your voice man! 'Ennodu nee irundhal' was beautifully done and is currently everyone's favorite back in India. I just discovered all your covers and original numbers here… Love your rendition of Frank Ocean's 'We all try'…  Keep going!!! <3

  10. This top three covers of this song hands down!

  11. DAMN That just blew me away —

  12. This is dope dude! So much soul!

  13. Dude you sing like I love ppl to sing your dope much respect

  14. simply beautiful 🙂

  15. that run at 1:06 …. cannot get over it! youre amazing!!!! was looking for you forever on here and i found you again! put up more videos!!

  16. Your voice is absolutely amazing, you definitely deserve more views and subscribers!

  17. So much talent.

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