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Shafayet Chowdhury is a senior business analyst/project manager in Toronto financial industry. He is a natural singer and performer.That passion started since childhood. He continued to explore different genres of music through his adulthood. As a multilingual (fluent in English, Hindi, Bengali), he has the capability to connect to audience is through languages. He believes in conquering challenges, hence, in University, he came out of his comfort zone and performed in a completely foreign language, Tamil, as most of the audiences were Tamil speakers. He was one of the top 100 contestants in Canadian Idol in 2008, and later on continued to support charitable organizations through music. In 2009, he performed at President’s Choice Financial Fundraising Campaign; he had chosen 2 songs of different genres, Heal the World and Bailamos. He has been participating in multicultural events as well, singing in Hindi and Bengali. In addition to his passion of music, he has continued to pursue his other interests, dancing and being Master of Ceremony (MC) for various events of different languages. He is a dedicated performer and he always ensure that the audience is also having a great time while he is on the stage, which he believes as a great achievement for a true performer.