Blood on the Leaves | Sid Sriram Rendition


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  1. You have to make a longer version, this is just amazing

  2. You are a mastermind

  3. now I knowwwww you naughtayyy

  4. Genius!!!

  5. This guy is going to become the biggest thing you all have ever seen!

  6. Fuck yessssssszzzzz.

  7. That's my sheeettt

  8. @1:17 wow!

    This brings back memories from Kanye's 808s album… it has that vibe! Keep up the great work Sid

  9. Please make a longer version of this you cover Kanye so well

  10. Please make a longer version the song is dope and really deep better than kanye west version

  11. vocals at the end were straight up magical

  12. Thank you for all the love! I put so much emotion and thought into each of these videos, renditions and FREE downloads. I'm finally working on my first full length album, and I NEED your support to fund the project! please go to the description box for the fundraising link, let's make this happen together and take a huge step forward with this movement! Every single dollar makes a huge difference, and your support will go such a long way!

  13. you're so amazing. i want a Sid album

  14. I cannot. He is just fucking amazing. I'm in love.

  15. The emotion behind this is so haunting. I have been replaying this for the past hour or so. I can't stop. I hope there is a longer version. This is relentless. Sid Sriram hasn't sounded as consistent in any song as much as this one. I can't wait till this guy becomes famous.

  16. Its alright.

  17. college dropout meets yeezus

  18. love his fucken voice and style of music woooooooooowwwww

  19. I WISH that was longer, brilliant! Well done Sid!

  20. Snapped!

  21. Your style..

  22. This was great, you have great talent as not only a singer but a producer too

  23. Love his music

  24. man those indian background harmonizations are sick af

  25. Sid the full song…come onnnnn

  26. i prefer this to the original

  27. Sid be teasing us with these short vids

  28. i wanna hear sid quote the Quran
    that would sound beautiful by itself or even on a track like this

  29. daaang. this gave me goosebumps. fantastic rendition!

  30. needs to be longer!! would've been perfect if it picked up like in the original

  31. Longer next time !!!

  32. Ahhhhhhh

  33. This goes…

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