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Beats by Nav

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Nav has been releasing his own tracks for about a year now and before that he was creating killer beats. The Rexdale rapper has found a way into the media without revealing too much about himself.

Nav has made it clear he is a proud member of the Rexdale community. It’s possible that Nav is from Indian decent seeing as Nav could be short for a few names of Indian origin (and there’s a big Indian community in Rexdale). He’s been releasing music for about a year and each of his 7 songs on SoundCloud are at over 2 million plays. He has about 90,000 followers on SoundCloud and over 30 million plays in total. His beat-making and production skills are insanely good. This year Nav got co-signs from Post Malone, Kylie Jenner, OVO Sound Radio, and The Weeknd’s manager Cash.