Anjali World – Loveless ft. IamSu


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  1. nyc uor videos

  2. her style kills me…who is her stylist, a blind 11 year old whose trying to be cool

  3. What the Fucking FUCK is this , and what is a Indian doing going to parties and black hosts parties


  4. i bet she tastes like chicken tikka masala heheheheh.

  5. Beautiful I love you Anjali

  6. The beginning is so cringe…

  7. they aren't two pairs its a pair of jeans with that look layered… that's like saying nigga you sag so women lose interest ?

  8. I only came to see special k

  9. so we just ganna ignore how dope the beat is?

  10. jaja suena como a: alguien alguien alguien me lo robo

  11. Muy buena la música …!!!!!

  12. This chick has mandingo fetish like Idk what

  13. Only here for Dana Alexa…

  14. Jeans over jeans will never be a thing. Pls stop

  15. Came here for iamsu his rap is so sick

  16. HOLY SHIZZZ!!!??? She is so damn good?☺?

  17. Anjali reminds of a an actress on TV

  18. Come on guys she Quit good you got to give her that

  19. I jus love her sway I would war that outfit!^^

  20. is she half Indian and half white?

  21. Special K is in the video

  22. i just wanted to see Khayman sexy ass

  23. The moment I saw her wearing 2 pairs of jeans at the same time I lost interest

  24. 不错哦~

  25. HBK yh you know how we play

  26. this is actually really good

  27. Anjali don't let the haters get to you, I think it's bomb! it's amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Honestly the song and video sucks ..I only came here for KB other than that I wouldn't have watched this vid

  29. My favorite song!

  30. That beginning makes me cringe.

  31. She jus chilling in them long ass socks. She bad as hell

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