2am Prayer (Sid Sriram Original)


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  1. Sid, a request.. Can you make a class on how to learn to sing Falsetto… You're seriously awesome!!

  2. reply me
    i wrote got poet than ur, stupit nansennnnseeeee

  3. 5 years ago and i thought of you again today! missed that voice man, glad you're still doing music

  4. awesome sid… please go all out.. you will surely be successful in english songs! make the indians proud…

  5. Sid, you look like my favorite Tamil actor Thaalai

  6. Sid is back with the first song off his "Insomniac Season" project. Listen to "Moments of Weakness" produced by DJ Khalil here:

  7. im always in tears when i listen to this..

  8. Sid really makes me want to start a band and attempt to create music as beautiful as this

  9. Reminds me a lot of justin nozuka (:

  10. I love you Sid 🙂 you sing like an angel – marry me?

  11. Please come tour in Boston

  12. Beautiful Sid. Stick to your confessions and you'll never be wrong!!

  13. the real deal

  14. These lyrics, deep. . I love when you add your culture into it as well beautiful

  15. You got talent! Your gonna go far!

  16. What microphone are you using?

  17. Lol, Look at where the weeknd is now :p. I hope his day comes too.

  18. Thank you for all the love! I put so much emotion and thought into each of these videos, renditions and FREE downloads. I'm finally working on my first full length album, and I NEED your support to fund the project! please go to the description box for the fundraising link, let's make this happen together and take a huge step forward with this movement! Every single dollar makes a huge difference, and your support will go such a long way!

  19. Son fire, fukks with it…
    Word, ….yo u got it son….niggas aint fukkin with him…hands down..

  20. Crazy good!!!

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