Mr. Bolly (2017 desiFEST Artist)


Mr. Bolly is a urban fusion artist who has become an expert in blending the East meets West mentality. His upbringing and style reflect the influences of east coast hip hop with a perfect mix of East Indian Culture. He has the ability to rap in 3 different languages which make him a triple threat on the microphone. Hip hop remains his true passion and through his practise of writing poetry he also developed the ability to write songs and melodies for other up-and-coming artists around the globe. Mr Bolly is a high powered performer who enjoys using the whole stage as his play ground. His main concern as an artist is to motivate the crowd and to engage them with the music and the message he portrays. Mr. Bolly is preparing to drop his first solo EP project this coming September of 2016. His full LP will be out in April 2017. Stay tuned as he is also featuring on several upcoming singles with several artists in and outside of Canada. Many gigs and shows are lined up this year for Mr. Bolly as he just released a single with called “Victory”, which is rotating on Bell Media Fibe TV1. “Victory” allows people to identify with Mr. Bolly as everyone in this world likes to be in a position to win and he inspires people to work and fight for their own victories in their own lives. Mr. Bolly has performed in New York, Toronto, England, India, Montreal and Switzerland. Touring the world and trying to find his destiny, he quickly realized his dreams were all along in his back yard, in his home town, where he met Sorin Pavelesco, his partner and producer. Together they created Break The Bank Music, a Montrealbased production house which manufactures songs and music for well known artists worldwide and companies across Canada. Wether he is in the studio writing, rapping on stage, or helping Sorin he pays extra attention to detail. He is a true creator and has developped an extensive network which has landed him and his company several publishing deals, marketing deals, song placements and corporate jingles. The combination of Mr. Bolly and his producer Sorin Pavelesco is to be taken very seriously when it comes to their competitors—Sorin has a Romanian European backround while Mr. Bolly has an East Indian background. This combination of classical and ethnic is what characterizes the Mr. Bolly project; it is a perfect fusion of East meets West mentality and encompasses the best of two worlds. He has created his own niche in a saturated and diluted market and this is what sets him apart.